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Chick Rental


Bring the farm home! We offer Baby Chick

RENTAL, during 'Hold a Baby Lamb'. You can rent 2 chicks, for 2 weeks, for $38. We supply 2 baby chicks, feed and bedding. Please call to reserve yours.

Duckling Rental


Enjoy the fun at your home! During 'Hold a Baby Lamb', we offer Baby Duckling RENTAL. You can rent 2 ducklings, for 2 weeks, for $48. We supply 2 ducklings, feed and bedding. Please call to reserve.

Set-Up Guide


Plastic Tub, Clip on Light, 60W bulb, thermometer, lid to keep heat in.

(Available at farm for purchase- $21)

For Chicks: 90-95 degrees for 1st week.

85-90 degrees for 2nd week.

For Ducks: 85-90 degrees for 1st week.

80-85 degrees for 2nd week.

Bottles to Feed


Some feeding can be purchased while visiting the animals. $1 per bottle to feed the calf, and goats. Limited amount.

Animals to Love


Enjoy the fun. Sit on bales of straw and love the lambs, goats, piglet, baby chicks, ducks and feed the calf.

Sheep Shearing


Farmer Lane is shearing the sheep while the holding of the animals is going on in the barn. Ask for a sample of the wool!